Joy of Sphynx Chillin’ Like A Villain “Randy”

Randy is our senior stus that was born right here in our Cattery in April 2020. His parents are Shay and Nimbus. Randy is a beautiful black male with golden eyes. He is super sweet and playful. He is a big boy – approximately 10 pounds and solid! Randy has produced some amazing kittens for our Cattery with queens Molly and Charlie.


HCM scan negative January 2021

HCM scan pending August 2024



 Unique Sphynx Brad

Brad is an odd eye with blue and gold eyes that comes to us from Unique Sphynx. As you can see in his pictures, Brad is a handsome but shy boy that prefers his time cuddled up in blanket or cat tree He is super sweet and has soft, velvet like skin. Brad was born August 2022. He is a great addition to our Cattery!

HCM scan pending May 2024