Please read the following information in it’s entirety before you ask me how much my kittens cost. It should answer every possible question you will have about kitten pricing at Joy of Sphynx Cattery. Thank you! 🙂

Once you have selected the kitten that you would like to adopt, a $500 non-refundable deposit is due to hold the sale of the kitten and a contract for purchase will be signed. The deposit is non-refundable because once your kitten is selected, I will turn away other potential clients interested in the kitten. It is reserved for YOU. No one can make a higher offer to buy it out from underneath you (and yes people have tried) and I cannot sell it again unless you cancel your contract or you allow your contract to expire. The contract is to protect both the Seller and the Buyer and the terms are in writing so there is no “guess work” and everything is agreed to up front.

The remaining balance of $1500 is due at the time of pick up/delivery of the kitten.

Unless otherwise specified, Joy of Sphynx kittens are $2000. Beginning 3/1/2024 black kittens will be $2300.  Kittens do not go home unless they are paid for in full – no exceptions. Clients can choose to make payments but once the kitten is ready to leave the Cattery, the kitten needs to be paid for in full in compliance with their contract’s specified time frame.

Accepted forms of payment include: Personal Check, Money Order, Cashier’s Check or Cash

Sorry no PayPal, wire transfers or cash apps.

Updated 1/20/2023