Meet our Queens!


Joy of Sphynx Snuggle Me Tight Shay

Shay is a stunning solid black Sphynx born here in the Cattery in February 2017. Her parents are Wilhelmina and Trojan. Shay is a busy girl, always playing with her toys and running laps in the house. She is feisty and energetic. She loves our dogs and truly has “no fear” of anything! A typical inquisitive Sphynx girl! 

HCM negative, February 2018

HCM negative, March 2020



Good Golly Miss Molly of Joy of Sphynx

Molly is a beautiful midnight black Sphynx with striking gold eyes. She is sweet and very friendly. She looks very similar to Shay and it’s hard to tell these two apart! Molly loves to cuddle in warm blankets and watch the birds through the window. 

HCM negative, March 2020




Bare Enough Sphynx “Bitsie” of Joy of Sphynx


Bitsie has joined our Cattery thanks to Bare Enough Sphynx in CA. Bitsie is a stunning Seal point with crystal blue eyes. She is spunky and full of energy! Pictured here in a rare quiet moment! Bitsie will be added to the breeding program in Fall 2020.

HCM scan negative August 2020


Joy of Sphynx Pyewacket

Pyewacket is our newest Queen joining the Cattery. Pye’s parents are Shay and Nimbus. Pyewacket is one of the sweetest cats I’ve met. She was born here in the Cattery April 2020. She is a beautiful black and white girl. She will be joining our breeding program in Spring 2021.


(Mojo top and Pyewacket on bottom)

HCM scan negative January 2021


Unless otherwise specified, my Queens are not for sale. Thank you! 🙂