People often ask me what type of food and litter I recommend for Sphynx cats. In my opinion, it all comes down to personal preference and what works best for each individual cat. Over the years we have experimented with lots of food and litter and now have our “go-to” brands that we use exclusively. I have compiled a list of our favorite brands along with the pictures and information on where to find these products. I hope this is helpful! 🙂





Whole Earth Farms kitten kibble

This is our favorite kibble for our kittens. We purchase it at PetSmart, but most pet stores carry it.

Grain free products seem to work best (in our experience) with Sphynx.


Whole Earth Farms kitten pate

Our kittens seem to like the flavor and consistency of this canned food.




Nature’s Variety Instinct (Grain Free) Chicken

This is a great canned food. Nature’s Variety offers several flavors but the one my cats seem to love the most is chicken. We have tried rabbit, duck, lamb, beef and turkey. Chicken is best for our cattery. We feed this to our cats and kittens (after 10 weeks old).





Terramigo Natural Pine Bedding/Litter

This is one of the newest products we have started using in place of traditional litter. It handles odor well and is cheap enough to just throw out after a couple of days. You can find it at most feed stores.


Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh Walnut Litter Multi-Cat

There are advantages and disadvantages to using walnut litter. For the kittens it is a great “training” litter. It is non-toxic and will not harm the kittens should they decide to taste it. The litter does not produce a lot of dust which is nice, but it does not have a lot of odor control (in my experience). Once the kittens are older, and for my adult cats, I generally mix this litter with Fresh Step, to help with odor control. The walnut litter helps keep the dust down. I recommend this type of litter for allergy sufferers due to the low litter dust.