We are not accepting deposits or taking reservations at this time. 8/7/22

So you’ve read through the website, done your homework on the breed and now you are interested in purchasing a kitten from our Cattery…


The next step will be writing a contract and placing a deposit on your kitten. This can be done prior to a litter being born OR when a kitten is listed on the website for sale. Every purchase requires a contract and every contract requires a deposit. Below is a step by step process to purchasing a kitten from our cattery:

  1. Please go to the “Contact Us” page on the website and send me an email, indicating your kitten preference of sex and color (if you have a preference). Indicate when you would like to purchase and if you would like to see a sample contract to look over. I do not have sample contracts posted on my website because each contract I create is customized for each individual client.
  2. Once I email you the sample contract, you need to read it over carefully and make sure you can agree to all terms. If everything looks good, you will email me back your full name, address and phone number so that I may create your custom contract.
  3. I will create your custom contract and email it back to you, filling in my personal information as well. You will print out that contract, sign it and return it along with the deposit to my address now listed on the contract. To reserve a position on the paid reservation list, the deposit is $100, with the remaining $300 due at the time of kitten selection. To reserve a kitten on a first come, first serve basis that is posted on my website, the deposit is $400.
  4. Once your deposit and contract are received, you will be emailed a signed copy of the contract along with a receipt for your deposit. If you are placing a deposit to be added to the paid reservation list, you will be given a position number for that list. If you are placing a deposit on a kitten featured on the website, the kitten is officially reserved for you once the deposit is received.
  5. The contract you will receive explain in detail the procedure for kitten reservations, kitten selection, courier service (for out of state clients) and making final payments. Asking to a see sample contract should answer any questions you have about the reservation process, so please feel free to request a contract to look over.