We always prefer that our new owners come pick up their kitten directly from our Cattery whenever possible. That way we can get to know you (the new owner) and learn about the kitten’s new environment. You can then meet our adult cats, see for yourself the loving environment all of our cats are raised in and see what our Cattery is all about! We understand, however, sometimes that is not always possible – especially when kittens are purchased out of state. When shipping outside of Arizona is necessary, we prefer to use our courier whenever possible. (The kitten flies in the cabin with our courier instead of on a cargo plane. The duration of the flight is much shorter and the kitten is monitored constantly.) Our courier will transport your kitten to the airport of your choice (whenever possible) and hand deliver your new kitten to you with all of its documentation, as well as a little care package with some momentos from home.

We feel that this method is the safest and least traumatic for the kitten, and our couriers do a great job for us! Prices vary, depending on the duration of the flight, and  start at $200 and up. The courier fee is paid by the Buyer  two weeks PRIOR to the kitten being delivered. Please let us know if you would like to use our courier service and we would be happy to schedule a flight! Clients must be flexible with delivery dates and times. 🙂

How the courier works: The couriers we use are off duty flight attendants and airline personnel that fly standby on their days off. Should a client choose to utilize our couriers, they must understand we cannot guarantee a specific date or time the kitten will arrive. We will make every effort to accommodate the client’s schedule whenever possible, but the client must be available to pick their kitten up according to the availability of the courier’s schedule and the airline flight schedule. If you cannot be flexible with you delivery dates and times, please do not use the courier service. 


Update January 2021: If a courier is not available, I will fly the kitten to the airport of your choice (certain exclusions apply) and deliver the cat directly to the client. “Delivery fee” will cover the price for an airline ticket plus a one way pet ticket. Prices start at $250 and vary depending on the delivery destination and airline used. Please inquire about the delivery fee at the time you request a sample contract. Thank you!

Updated 2/19/21