Breeding and raising our Sphynx cats has been an amazing experience. It’s not always easy, but can be very rewarding, especially when you unite an adorable kitten with a loving family that has been waiting and planning for their arrival like the birth of a child! We have met some terrific families that have welcomed our kittens into their home and created wonderful memories! Here are some of our valued clients that have kept in touch and sent pictures of their cherished 4 legged family members. 🙂 Thank you so much to everyone for staying in touch!



Hi Stacey! Just wanted to give you an update! Harriet is thriving and doing well! She has a great personality; she loves to play and be the center of attention. She has been traveling with the family in the RV and having a great time! Kym, AZ











Hi Stacey,
Cozy & Magnum’s Rukh, born March 2015, is doing great. Rukh is the perfect mix of playful and affectionate! He ‘snoopervises’ me and my husband from on top of our shoulders as we do housework, and he is an excellent snuggle buddy and hummingbird lookout. He is very well-socialized too – he meets and interacts well with everyone, including visiting relatives’ dogs! He loves fuzzy blankets, cardboard boxes and just about any toy (or window treatment, or paper bag…) that rattles or rustles. Our fur(less) baby is a pretty cool cat.

Hope you are well,
Sarah, Tyler and Rukh










Hi Stacey,

Just wanted to share a recent picture of Odin, he’s in great health and very happy. He’s very active and affectionate, my wife has become very attached to him. Thank you so so much, for all you did for us!!! 

Dave, AZ







I just wanted to give you an update on Moose. He is doing great and our vet tells us that he is the model of health. He is almost as big as our 3 year old Sphynx June Bug already. All of our friends think that he is beautiful and think that we should show him in cat shows lol. Thank you so much for our wonderful cat.

Update 8/20: I just wanted to give you a quick update on Moose. He is doing great and my family and I couldn’t be happier with our little guy. He is always going a million miles an hour and loves to play with our kids. Our vet and friends think he is an amazing looking cat and our vet says that he is the model of health. I hope all is well with you. Moose is an amazing cat and next time I get a Sphynx I will be coming back to you!  Lynne & John, KS




Hello Stacey,
It will soon be a year since I picked up Claymore from your wonderful cattery and I wanted to send you an update. She is growing into a beautiful and smart sphynx. She is my little shadow, follows me around the house and is like velcro, sleeps with me and even meows at me to blush her cheeks when I’m doing my makeup. Claymore has so much personality, she is a total clown, and is friendly to everybody she meets. Even people who “don’t like cats” love and adore her. She plays with the big dogs (she is the boss), and is quite the huntress in the house. Thank You for all of your help and for my best friend Claymore. <3 Sincerely, Amanda, CO

And after getting the 2nd kitty…….Hi Stacey. I hope all is good in Arizona. They are both doing great! Claymore was upset when I first brought Mortar home. After the first night they became best friends. They are so funny together, they play together, bathe each other, eat together, nap together, hunt together. They are like two peas in a pod. Mortar is such a sweetheart, he’s all purr when you pick him up or touch him. He’s so big! I’m so happy to have gotten another kitten, Claymore loves him. He was never timid of the big dogs and he likes to play with them too. They both like to sleep under the covers at night, it’s pretty cute.    





Hi Stacey

We adopted Yoda from you last year. We wanted you to know he is HUGE and doing well. He reaches stuff on the kitchen table while standing on the floor, and yes, he can jump up a ladder (and to the top of the cabinets, etc.). He grew up into a total sweetheart, even if he is a bit of a comedian! He still sits on our shoulders like a bird too. We love him!

Sharon, NV








Truman has been a great addition to our crazy, hectic family. When we adopted him we already had 3 sphynx cats, 3 dogs and 3 teenage boys. He is a big talker and an even bigger snuggler. He is very inquisitive and loves to see what I am making in the kitchen. He is especially fond of my bread bowls and baking dishes. Most days he spends his time curled up next to his bloodhound sister while stealing her warmth or under a pile of fuzzy blankets.

Dawn, AZ










Hey Stacey!
Just wanted to say hey and send some new pics of the girls! I could not be more in love with them! They are so incredibly cute and hilarious and I am so happy I made the decision to get both! Also, they get more and more gorgeous each day! All my friends can’t believe how adorable they are. I’m turning many people in to Sphynx-people 🙂 haha. Hope all is well!    Olivia, MD






We are doing great here. Nox and Luna love each other and it’s great. They run around all day and then fall asleep on top of each other. There is sometimes jealousy on Nox’s part if Luna is snuggling with me but he solves that by coming over and sitting on her 😂😂 Nox became even more obedient if you can believe it once we got Luna! He’s definitely the golden child. He listens to absolutely anything I say. But little Luna….ahh she has a mind of her own. We are definitely satisfied customers. You helped us complete our family and I can’t imagine being without my naked nuggets. I recommend you to everyone that asks me about the babies haha.  I hope all is well!!  Lots of love,     Nicole, NY







Hey Stacey. Thought I’d send you this adorable picture of Sugar. She’s on the catio looking for lizards 🙂 Just wanted to let you know Sugar went to her wellness check yesterday and they said everything looked good. She and Sammy are getting along and playing, I just have to remind him to be gentle since she’s so much smaller than him lol! – Kristina, AZ



Charlie is doing great so far! She went to the vet yesterday and they said she is in great condition! Thank you! So happy to have her! Halle, TX












Merry Cat-mas to you! Hi Stacey I hope you’re well. I wanted to share some pictures of Iroh now that he is a bit bigger. SO IN LOVE! Haha He loves to come outside with me when I water the garden. Nicole, CA





Hi Stacey. Just want to let you know that Tony is doing great. He’s getting big and is as happy as can be. He’s seriously the best cat. We love him so much. He loooves car rides and walks on the leash like a pro. He’s a dream kitty for sure! Hope all is well
-Hattie, WA




Hi Stacey,
Just wanted to write and tell you a little bit about our wonderful cats and how they are doing. We absolutely love them and wouldn’t trade them for the world. It has made a huge difference to us having them around and they are amazingly fun and have such great personalities. Mesi is so funny, she loves Damon and comes jumping on his lap every day and rubs his big beard very fierce! Iboni is more of a lap cat that loves to be pet. I wanted to send a couple photos too just so you can see how they have grown and show your kiddos who were so close to them also!  Traci, AZ







This little boy was super special to me. He was given to me by another cat breeder at 8 days old and near death. He was the sole remaining kitten in his litter. Lots of bottle feeding, time and love went into Ardan that made him into a very loving little boy. He was truly a special kitten and hard to let go of!

From his new owner:

Hi!  Ardan is doing great! He really is the best cat. He loved Christmas and got his own stocking along with lots of gifts. He is the highlight of my virtual meetings. Victoria, AZ






Hello Stacey! I purchased Ortensia from you last year and I wanted to send you some photos of her because she turned 1 on the fourth! She has grown into a beautiful sphynx. She developed a gorgeous blue tint as she grew. I love to photograph her. She is my little diva model lol. She has the funniest personality ever! She does the oddest things; she runs from one end of the house to the other jumping on the couches and chairs as if they were an obstacle course, she will jump out at me at the most unexpected moments to attack my legs. She will jump into the air at the most random times for no reason lol. She loves to play with plastic bags, crumpled paper balls, pens, and a small popeye doll that she goes crazy for. She mauls it! haha. She chases my dogs and they love it, and she chases the broom when I sweep. For whatever reason, she is fascinated with the broom. She loves to be outdoors! (almost as much as she loves sleeping lol) I take her outside for an hour or so to give her some fresh air. (I apply sunscreen) She enjoys digging in the dirt like the dogs and is obsessed with running! If I don’t let her out after a couple days, she will sit at the front door and meow and meow and meow lol. Any time she hears the door open, or when I call for the dogs to go outside she will run to the door as fast as she can regardless of whether she is eating or sleeping and will try to sneak out. It is the cutest thing. She does not like grass much though! I take her to the park sometimes and she will meow for me to pick her up; she prefers dirt and concrete lol. Although she is one crazy cat, she is equally lovable. She still licks; she will lick my face or my hand when she is laying with me. She cuddles and purrs all the time. My boyfriend will blow on her belly when she is laying on her back and she adores it! She is extremely smart. She learns very fast and I love watching her. She is always finding something new to get into. She knows where I keep my hair ties and she is always stealing them and playing with them. Everyone in my family absolutely loves her. Anytime I take her with me to the pet store or to the park, and even to school I have tons of people come up to me fascinated by her. Everyone who meets her falls in love with her. I am so happy to have her as a part of my family. I love her to death. The sphynx cat is such a beautiful breed. I am definitely planning on getting another one in the near future 🙂 Thank You!  -Shayia and Ortensia, NM

(now the proud owner of 3 Joy of Sphynx cats!)



We are so happy we stumbled upon Joy of Sphynx while looking for a kitten to bring home. Stacey is very patient and helpful with any questions  you might have and you can tell she takes great care for the kittens from birth to the time they get to go to their new homes. We brought home our first kitty “Dexter” around November 2013. He was such a loving, playful kitten right from the start. He loves attention! He is now a healthy 10.5 lbs at 9 months! We loved him so much and our experience with Joy Of Sphynx that we decided to bring another home. We just brought “Walter” (Darker male) home a couple weeks ago and they both are adjusting quite well. They both have brought so much joy, love and laughter into our lives and we can’t thank Stacey enough!  Apryl & Anthony, AZ





Spanx is doing absolutely fantastic. He is the funniest, naughtiest, and sweet cat.  Him and our toddler are the best of friends which is not good when they are both naughty.  Connor loves to take all the pots and pans out of the cabinets and Spanx helps knock them on the ground.  He is absolutely beautiful. He seems like he is going to be a fairly big boy. He is about 7-8 lbs and is really long. He sleeps under the covers at all times and must be held whenever he demands it.  He will ride around on Alex’s shoulder to survey the land and drive our dog crazy. Thank you so much for letting us have him, I don’t think I will ever go back to ordinary furred cats again!  I cannot get enough of his antics.  We love him and can’t imagine life without him. Heather, AZ

This picture is of Miss Freya at 12 weeks old. We haven’t even had her home for a week yet and she already feels so much like part of our family. She has settled in quite nicely and is constantly the center of attention. She already has a routine of playtime with the kids/toys, exploring and then lots of sweet cuddles. Her constant purring reassures us she is content at her new home! We waited 9 months for her and she definitely was worth the wait. Stacey has been amazing every step of the way of this journey of becoming new Sphynx owners. I am beyond happy with her service as a breeder, I can tell she is passionate about what she does. Thank you so much Stacey for our precious girl! Lindsay, AZ

Hi Stacey, I just wanted to give you a little update on Khloe and attach a couple pictures. She is doing awesome and we are so in love with her! Our kids are surprisingly very gentle with her and Khloe just loves them. She has been the perfect addition to our family. She is so sweet and so well behaved.  She loves every ounce of attention we give her, and we get tons of compliments about her and confused looks from visitors that have never seen a Sphynx in real life 🙂 The guy that came over to spray our home for insects was so intrigued by her. After he was done spraying the house he actually asked if he could go to my bedroom to take another look at her! Thank you again for doing all that you did to make it possible for us to get her!  Kara, AZ

Rebel had his check up today. Little guy weighs an even three pound! He seems to be settling right in. Absolutely LOVES Yoda. Even tried to nurse from him…oops! Thank you so much for such a sweet baby. Rachel, AZ
Harry is doing fabulous and is a hit with everyone he meets!  We have had my entire family visit during the month of March and I have had to check their bags on the way out to make sure they have not taken Harry with them!!  His biggest fan by far is my husband!  They read the newspaper (eat it) every morning and wrestle before bed every night!!  He is such a little love bug I can’t get over it!!!  Alec did a fabulous job of picking him!!  The dogs are simply intrigued with him!!  The hissing has stopped and I think they are even beginning to play together!!  Luckily they are not too jealous, because Harry has definitely taken ownership of the house and all people who enter it!!  
🙂 Maggie, AZ


Colon is the funniest cat! He is very mellow and always friendly with everyone. He loves to follow us around the house and enjoys riding in the car. We even took him to the beach and let him walk around on his leash – he loved it!  He gets along with the dog and loves the kids. My husband has always been allergic to cats and he doesn’t seem to have any issues with Colon. He has been the perfect addition to our family! Thanks so much!   Michele & Brian, AZ

This is Batman. We purchased him from Joy of Sphynx Cattery in April 2012. He is so adorable and loved!! He loves to lay by any heater he can find. He loves to cuddle and try to steal any food he can find.
Tawnya, UT








We welcomed Netyiri in our home approximately 8 months ago.  Over the past 8 months our beautiful bald kitty has been a joy.  We are extremely pleased with Stacey and her commitment to provide love and care to her cattery clients both before and after the sale. Thank you Stacey for giving us our Baby Girl. But we have to tell you…. You made a mistake… Our Baby Girl wants to be a Lion!!!! She is so special to us and we thank you for making our life complete!!!! Tammie, AZ









Merry Christmas from Autumn and Raja!!!  Angelique (the world traveler!)








Cleocatra – She is still a lovely kitten full of purrs and we are enjoying her company immensely. She is accumulating quite a selection of sweaters to wear in the early mornings and evenings when the house gets a bit cold. Thanks, Giselle  AZ







Hi Stacey just wanted to update you on Hobbes. He is the best!! We love him so much! He even rough houses with our two dogs. He is the most cuddly sweet boy but makes us laugh at the same time with his crazy spurts. Thanks again for our new baby!!!  Sophie, NV


Thank you to all of my valued clients and new friends!!